Speeding-Up Video Without the Audio Sounding Like Chipmunks

120603 Enounce LogoEnounce is updating their terrific video and audio accelerator again. 

They just released a beta of the 4.0 version of their MySpeed plug-in for Flash, YouTube and other video sites.

RoadrunnerThink how much content you consume over the Internet.  From news stories to seminars to training videos … the amount of streaming media use is skyrocketing. 

Now imagine how much time you could save by watching at 1.5x to 2x the normal speed.


Use MySpeed to adjust the content to your preferences.

Take control and watch video at the speed you choose. The Enounce MySpeed plug-in adds a speed control slider that will allow you to change the playback rate of Audio/Video content. Patented Signal Processing keeps audio sounding natural (not "chipmunked") at all speeds; and allows listeners to comprehend and remember the information.

Here is a demo.




MySpeed is a great time-saver.  More importantly, it makes things more exciting and easier to remember.  It makes sense.  You probably read a lot faster than most people talk. Well, after getting comfortable watching at 1.5x, going back to "normal" is painful.

I've used their products for years.  MySpeed works great for audio and video.  If you listen to business or training sessions, then this is a must-have.  Check it out at Enounce.

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