Do Dissolvable Energy Strips Work?

Sometimes you need a little caffeine boost.

Well, I heard about Sheets energy strips, which are a dissolvable energy-supplement, and figured I'd give them a try.

Each sheet is the equivalent of half a cup of coffe, with some vitamins and nutrients added for good measure.

They are distinctive because they are paper-thin, individually wrapped, dissolvable strips. No pills. No liquids. No sugar.  No calories.


120715 Sheets Energy Strips

I watch programmers down Red Bull, Monster, Bawls, and Five Hour Energy … yet, somehow, I know that isn't for me.

Energy Sheets are more subtle than that.  They provide a quick and convenient energy boost without the sugar crash.  And they work and taste good enough that I now keep a few in my back pocket and computer bag so they are there when I need them.

They also have sleep-time product called Sleep Sheets. It is honey flavored with melatonin and extracts from goji berry and chamomile — which are natural ingredients purported to induce restful sleep.

All-in-all, worth a try.

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  1. This will just be another nutritional epic fail. In order for the body to safely absorb and metabolize the nutrients in this product you do need calories, and water would make this work healthfully as well and satisfy fluid requirements for a working body.

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