The Debt Clock - A Grown-up Version of "This Isn't Going to End Well"

Have you ever seen a funny photo that was captured just before a "something bad" happens? The tag-line is usually something like … "This isn't going to end well".  Here's an example.


120828 visittothedentist or this wont end well   

The photo is funny unless you're the guy about need a dentist.

In related news, a giant debt clock was featured at the Republican Convention.  Why?  To capture the moment our national debt crosses the $16 Trillion dollar level.

To give you some context for this issue, here is an interactive U.S. Debt Clock.


120828 US Debt Clock

Click the picture and you'll see a version that updates in real-time.  There are a number of very cool features and facts (including a "time machine" to rewind the clock to a prior date, so you can compare what happened since then).

Sure hope revenues exceed spending soon … otherwise this isn't going to end well?

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