Gotye's "Somebodies" YouTube Orchestra Remix - Open Sourced Artistry

Imagine being a performing artist who has a song what's on the top of the charts. Now imagine how much time and effort you put in to getting that song "just perfect." The perfect phrasing; when to breathe just a little bit deeper in order to hit that note; the gestures and dance steps to make it even that much more special …

Now imagine the other side of artistry … The fact that it's "perfect" means that it's no longer challenging. How do you convey something special if it's no longer special to you?

It's just as true for business person is it is for a performing artist; there's always something new  — and there is always a possibility of something more.

Below is a music video put together by the artist called Gotye. You probably know him from his “Somebody That I Used To Know” video, which has now been played more than 300 million times.



The version below isn't the music video that made him famous.  Instead, he put this video together solely from clips that he found on the Internet of people either imitating, innovating, or parodying his original work of art.

Watch Gotye's "Somebodies" … In some ways, it may be better than the original.




What a great reminder that you can always find "just a little bit more" if you're committed to searching for it hard enough.

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