Asia By the Numbers - A Growing Opportunity

A lot of smart traders are putting greater emphasis and focus on Asia. 

More Than Half Of The World's Population Lives Inside This Circle.

Take a look at this simple, but eye-opening, take on global population distribution.

There are more Muslims in the circle than outside of it. There are more Hindus in the circle than outside of it. There are more Buddhists in the circle than outside of it. Moreover, the circle pulls all of this off while being mostly water and including the most sparsely populated country on earth (Mongolia).


130621 Half of Earth's Population Lives in this Circle
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OK, the 'circle' in this image is not
actually a circle  (it is a Winkel Tripel
, to be precise), but that's besides the point.

By 2050, the U.N. predicts that 3.3 billion people will live just in Asia’s cities.

Clearly, a lot of people in the circle … Yet, the chart below highlights why traders expect and believe that more smart money will move there.


130614 asia-by-the-numbers

by Aberdeen.


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