Finally, a way to use your Desktop like an iPad

Have you seen kids poking and swiping at restaurant menus or magazines … it is because they expect them to work like an iPad.

Well now you can access your desktop computer on your iPad, like an iPad, even when you are using a native Windows (or Mac) application.  This is cooler than it sounds.

Parallels Access ‘applifies’ your Windows and Mac applications, letting you remotely access and experience them as if they were made for iPad.  Tap, swipe, pinch and scroll any Mac or PC software application – even if they were not optimized for the iPad.

This is a very useful app that helps you get more done on-the-go.

Here is a video showing how it works.



My experience with it has been very positive.  Terrific on the road … but I've even used it from the bedroom to finish up a little work that would have distracted me otherwise.

Add a comment below to enter a drawing for a free one-year subscription to Parallels Access.


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