The New New - Something Interesting Is Happening

The game is changing.  That means what you have to do to win is changing too.

Take a look at this.  




One of the most important phrases I’ve learned to use in business is “… or something better."

Too many times, we have a specific idea of what we want – and how we want it.  Unfortunately, that focus can cause us to miss other (often better) opportunities.

The same is true for people in the roles they play and the things they do. Too often, we fall into a rut and focus on the activities and efforts that we've planned (or have always done), instead of what's possible or preferable.

One of the values that I stress here at Capitalogix is that the best way to grow the business is to grow the people. That sounds strange because so much of our business is based on technology. But the point is to continue to automate, delegate, or outsource things that we used to do … so that we can do something better.

Something to think about!

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