The Past Ten Years - Apple Then and Now

Apple reported its earnings this week.  Over the past 12 months, they made a net profit of more than $53 billion.

That is significant, not just because it is a lot … It also is more than any other company has ever made in a single year.  

The previous record of $45.2 billion was set by ExxonMobil in 2008.

As the chart illustrates, the company’s profits have increased more than 40-fold since 2005, helping Apple to become the biggest brand and the most valuable company on the planet.

Infographic: What a Difference 10 Years Make | Statista
via Statista


Talk about compounding edges!

By the way, recently, Steve Ballmer said: Saving Apple in 1997 was the 'Craziest Thing' Microsoft ever did.

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