Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - Still Leads to Progress

Here is a photo of the Capitalogix team noting a successful test release.


160417 Launch - The New Starting Line


When you play a big enough game … the journey is long … and it can't just about the final result. 

On a day-to-day basis, it is about sucking less, measuring progress, moving forward … and remembering to celebrate along the way.

Remember, the tip of the iceberg is only part of the story.

  160417 The Iceberg Illusion

The Iceberg Illusion by Sylvia Duckworth, (Flickr CC license).


The Iceberg Illusion reminds us that when you see a company killing it – most of the time, all we got to see was the success part at the top, not the struggles and failures it took to get there.

Here's to the focus, learning, resilience, and patience that got us here!


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