Unicorns Are Becoming Less Mythical

Recently, we talked about billionaires and how they made their money. Today, I want to talk about companies that are valued at over $1 billion dollars. 

In tech finance, a "Unicorn" is the moniker applied to private startups when they cross the supposedly mythical $1 Billion valuation level. 

Well, fairy tales are coming true more often.  

The number of Unicorns doubled in 2015 … and not just in number – but in value as well.


Crowded-club-draft-2via CBInsights

The chart, which only shows the 185 Unicorns that are still private companies, highlights the increasing Unicorn density since 2014.

Currently, Uber is the most valuable Unicorn, with a $66 Billion Dollar valuation.

What do you think it means?  

Are these companies a sign of a strong market, a bubble, or both?

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