How Many People Lie To You On Social Media?

Social Media often becomes a "best-of" reel of our lives … carefully curated to show off our best selves. 

Imagine what that leads to for us and our children … ??

It is tough to live up to your social media standards (let alone to keep up with others').

This  Instagram model (apparently, that's a thing now) with over half a million followers took to changing her captions to display the falsehoods



via The Guardian


How tempting is it to photoshop (or embellish) a little?  In a recent survey of 2000 British people, more than 75% admitted to lying about themselves on social profiles.

Here is a chart ranking the most common topics people are most dishonest about.



via 10Awesome


Fake photos, fake ownership, and relationship lies top the list.  

There was something magical about taking a trip back before everything was a camera.

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