What Do You Buy Someone Who Has Everything?

I'm getting cynical, I understand planned obsolescence … but has it occurred to you that Apple could make their phones act sluggish just before the launch of a new version?  

My phone has been driving me nuts.  So, (as I write this) I'm up at 2 am to place my order for the new iPhone X.

On one hand, it satisfies my desire for the new and shiny … but, on the other hand, it makes it harder for my wife.

Buying gifts is often hard. But it gets harder when the giftee already has everything (or buys it himself).

That is where Neiman Marcus comes in.

Every year since 1959, Neiman Marcus has published a Christmas Book. Primarily comprised of normal Neiman Marcus offerings … the book also contains pretty amazing "fantasy" gifts.  For example, who doesn't want a rose-gold Cobalt Valkyrie-X private plane (worth $1.5 million) …


10252017 plane

Neiman Marcus


I don't know about you, but it's a little feminine for me.

Or, there is a private Submarine (worth $20,000,000). 


10252017 sub

Neiman Marcus


But that is only good if you don't have one already.

You can check out NM's 2017 Fantasy Gift List, here, and get a personal trip to Champagne, France or a pair of specially commissioned His and Hers Rolls Royces. 

Let me know if you have any good gift ideas.  I'm always looking for them.

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