A Look at What Makes a Top Tech Company a "Top Tech" Company

The Top 20 Tech companies are pretty easily recognized – tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Alphabet top the list. 

1222017 top-20-tech-companies-by-revenuevia Visual Capitalist

There are a lot of commonalities between successful tech companies.  Pretty much all of them attempt to leverage software to do jobs that would be too expensive, too boring, or virtually impossible to do otherwise.

Obviously, technology is a huge force factor impacting the success of a company.  As a result, there is an arms race to get to "next" …

1222017 RDvia Bloomberg

Research and Development has always been a key in growing companies.  Now, that is truer than ever.   As tech improves faster and more dramatically, technologies become relevant and irrelevant faster than ever. 

Challenging … sure, but a great problem to have.

What a great time to be an entrepreneur!

Good luck with your 2018 plans. I'd love to hear what you are focusing on next year.

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