The Time Horizons of Start-Up Growth

Growing a company is in many ways similar to raising a child. 

In parenting, you watch your child crawl, walk, and then run.  You also watch them go through phases, tackle new problems, and come out the other side of their trials a changed (and hopefully) stronger person. 

In growing a company, you watch the idea take form (and evolve), and you watch a plan and path unfold.  You also watch your team grow and mature as they encounter problems and strategy pivots that (hopefully) result in a stronger company. 


292018 Small business Growth

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In my opinion, persistence despite discomfort is a master key to success.  In other words, learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Breakthroughs happen in response to challenge.

The only companies that don't have problems are the ones that no longer exist.  The goal is to hope for better quality problems.  

Below is a framework that explains the 7 Stages of Small Business Success.  For each of the seven stages, it identifies the critical success factor (problem to solve) that it takes to move the business forward to the next stage of success. 
I've found this model to be helpful.  Let me know what you think.
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