Why Elon Musk's SpaceX Launch Is So Important

Last Tuesday, Musk launched his Tesla Roadster and it's passenger "Starman" into space on his Falcon Heavy rocket. 

Cool?  Clever Marketing?  Or Both?


282018 Roadster and Starman

Space via Twitter

This feat is exciting for a number of reasons.

  1. Falcon Heavy is cheaper than other heavy lift rockets – yet, it is twice as powerful. 
  2. This means we can ship payloads to Mars (or potentially farther). 
  3. The boosters landed back on their platform to be reused.
  4. And, ultimately, it's inspiring and momentum building to a new age of future space explorers.

When I was growing up, the space race caught the public's hearts and minds.  I was a kid, but I still remember watching the lunar landing.  It was a big deal! 

Likewise, I remember when astronauts were positioned as national heroes.  Now, we're more jaded.

In the past decade, rockets, space-stations, satellites, etc. were often just an afterthought or a small filler news item.  Meanwhile, A.I., Cloning, Voice Recognition, 3D Printing, Drones, and other technological advances were the sexy attention-getting topics. 

Recently, that has changed.  The space race is getting hot again.  Resources are pouring into this area, and SpaceX's launch is proof that we are making progress (and probably altering life's history). 

Take a look. 



This was supposed to be captivating.  Teachers can show their students a rocket launch where a man shot a car into space … then they can watch the car float through space.  It's taking what we're used to only seeing in movies … and making it real. 

Passion in the sciences is important, and successes like this can ignite passion in our future, in more than just space exploration. 

We live in exciting times. 


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