How Blockchain Will Eventually Disrupt Every Industry

Recently, I shared an infographic with 25 notable cryptocurrencies and restated that the support technologies for coins (specifically, blockchain and smart contracts) are more exciting than any individual currency. 

Blockchain is radically changing the future of transaction-based industries. Industry leaders are fervently evaluating and exploring blockchain to determine its potential for disruption, and for developing a long-term strategic advantage over their competitors.  

Blockchain is disruptive because of its ability to digitize, decentralize, and secure the validation of "transactions".  Everywhere there's a hand-off of information or goods, blockchain has the opportunity to improve that process. 

Imagine being able to see the entire history of a property, and know it's accurate. Imagine being able to track individual shipments globally through your supply-chain with ease. Imagine being able to enter/exit countries without the elongated passport check-ins. 

The list goes on … Aviation, Big Pharma, Manufacturing, Finance, SaaS … In the same way that artificial intelligence is transforming what's done by humans and what's done by machines, the blockchain is transforming security and how we transfer data. If data is the new currency, blockchain is the banking system. 

Blockchain enables transparency and accountability on a radically bigger scale. 

Here are 36 companies already using blockchain to innovate, and here's a simple infographic for some of the basic applications of blockchain in non-financial industries.

 3152018 blockchain

NewCoShift via Crowd Companies


I've said this before, but it's worth echoing …  Some of what was once Impossible becomes Possible.   Some of what became Possible becomes Probable.  And, and some of what became Probable becomes Inevitable.

Blockchain is happening.  Technological shifts,  like this, require you to think about your industry and your potential opportunity differently.

Change is happening faster (and creating bigger edges) than ever before. 

What a great time to be an entrepreneur.

Seize the Edge!


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