What Are The Most Notable Cryptocurrencies?

A few months ago, it seemed like everyone was asking about Bitcoin (and many were investing heavily). While it's still a common topic of discussion, the sentiment has definitely flattened out.

Making sense of cryptocurrencies is tough. There are over 1000 currencies out there – and the list is growing.  But it isn't just about first-mover advantages or features.  You have to consider government policies and regulations, and a host of other issues.

Consequently, it's hard to recommend putting money in any coin, as an investment.

Trading is a different conversation.

There is a lot of momentum and interest in this space.  If it seems worth learning more, here's an infographic on some of the more notable currencies. 


3112018 cryptocurrencies

nickwb via Reddit 

Each currency has it's own strengths and weaknesses, but I stay much more bullish on the underlying technologies (like Blockchain) than any individual coin.

What about you? 

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