Pro Tip: You're Not An Author

I love books … bookshelf after bookshelf confirms that (I’ve even read most of them!)

So far, however, none of the books on those shelves were written by me.

Not surprisingly, it’s a lot easier to read one than write one.

The Internet makes being a bestseller seem easy, and writing the book even easier. It feels like everyone and their mother has a book.

But it’s not that easy.

After reading several posts on writing books, listening to experts, talking with friends that have written them, I’ve tried a lot of different approaches. I’ve transcribed speeches and presentations, I’ve chronicled dozens of stories on key points, etc. I've used book writing software, voice transcription services, grammar checkers, and even text expansion software, trying to make it easier. 

I've spent more time not writing a book than many successful authors spent from start to finish.

Technology makes most things easier and faster … but, whether we’re talking about writing a book or a trading algorithm, at some point, you realize that it’s not enough to use tools, you also have to know how to use them.

If you don’t have the right skills and knowledge, tools only help you create garbage faster.

That is where Tucker Max and Book in a Box come in … When it's time to write your book, they can help.

Tucker Max has written 4 Best Sellers (for himself) with 3 on the Best Sellers’ List at the same time.

Here is an interview I did with Tucker about the book-writing process, and why it can be hard, even for very smart people, to write a book. 


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Are you planning on writing a book?

I am!


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