All That - Infographic Showing What Happens in 60 seconds on the Internet

This infographic shows you what happens in 60 seconds on the Internet.

I just came from the malls, and based on the number of close parking spaces I found, a lot of people are doing their holiday shopping online.

This chart displays a wide range of actions taken (like e-mails checked, Tweets posted, or songs downloaded) each minute on the Internet.


111211 Infographic shows what happens every 60 seconds on the Internet


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  1. The information is truly amazing, as indicated by the principal infographic. On Facebook alone, every moment there are more than 695,000 new notices, 79,364 divider posts, and 510,040 remarks. With 800 million clients and checking and a huge new server farm made arrangements for Sweden, that gigantic volume of posts will just develop.

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