This Graphic Lets You Watch How Fast America Got Fat

Fit or Fat?  Data Says … "Fatter than Ever".

It’s no secret that the US has a weight problem, but did you realize how fast the country got fat?

The U.S. has gone from a relatively thin country to a place where the norm in many areas is to be overweight or even obese.

Look How Fast It Happened.  The chart starts in 1985.


130421 obesity-map
via The Atlantic


This animated map is jaw-dropping (or belt-busting).  Notice the how the
rate of change accelerates when it reaches the 2000s … many states
burst from around a 20% obesity level to over 30%.

It is interesting to note that Colorado remains the only state (in blue) with less than 20% obesity.

Meanwhile, Gallop recently released their
Well-Being Index of 189 metro areas.  In 2012, obesity
rates in all but two areas were above 15%.

Here are the Fittest and Fattest Communities in the U.S.:


130421 Fit or Fat

If you live in Charlottesville VA or Boulder CO, you’re probably looking good.


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