What Are The Top 100 Websites?

There are over 1 billion websites on the internet, and it is constantly growing.

In fact, Google only indexes about 16 percent of the surface Web – and misses all of the Deep Web. 

Not surprisingly, the most popular sites comprise the majority of internet usage. 

The list of the top 100 trafficked sites was somewhat surprising (and not just because there were only three porn sites that made the cut).  

Before looking, who do you think made the list?

Here is an infographic that shows who rules the Internet.


via Visual Capitalist


Leading the pack – Google, YouTube, and Facebook top the list (with Google, itself, getting an astonishing 28 billion visits per month) …  For scale, that's over 500 times more visits than #100 site on this list.  

Pretty insane! 

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